Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the information we do and do not collect from users of our services. It applies to all products and services offered by Afri Studio.

Information We Do Not Collect

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Unlike many other companies and services, we do not collect or store any personal data or information from users of our products and services. This includes:

Use of Our Services

To use our services, users do not need to provide any personal information or data. Our services do not require registration or login credentials to function. We do not use tracking technologies like cookies to collect data about visitors to our websites or users of our applications.

Data Security

Because we do not collect or store any user data, protecting user privacy and securing information are straightforward for us. We have no repositories of personal data that could be compromised, avoiding data breaches that affect many organizations.

Changes to This Policy

We may occasionally update this privacy policy to comply with relevant laws and reflect improvements in our services. Any changes will be promptly communicated on this website.

For any questions related to this privacy policy or data practices, contact: